SmartShells, a division of ServerForce Ltd

Welcome to SmartShells

Do you need a secure, fast, and affordable shell service? SmartShells is hosted in Berkshire, UK from our parent company's own network, allowing us to pick only the finest providers. Our servers use Intel Pentium 4 processors, running CentOS Linux to ensure maximum uptime, stability and reliability. Our Servers can run bouncers, bots, and some other programs.

Standard features

  • Services hosted on a multi-gigabit core network
  • Full and unrestricted SSH access
  • FTP and SFTP access
  • 100MB disk space as standard
  • Unmetered IRC data transfer on all packages
  • Full development environment
  • Perl support
  • MySQL database access
  • Free personal website ( or
  • Access to run foreground applications above your background process limit (e.g for text editors, compilers, etc)


Shells are available individually or from packages. For further information, please see our services page.